Lesson 2 Header

Welcome to Lesson Three

For this lesson, we are asked to prepare this page and include a header image, as well
as making a divider and buttons for links.


This is a swatch of the colours/patterns that were used on this page:

Colour Swatch

The first three colours on the swatch are taken from the image itself (the RGB numbers
are included on the preview).

The pattern, which is used as the background on this page, was also made from the

The peach tile on the outer section was made using a plug-in effect, Paint Engine. It was
then seamless tiled.


The divider was made by using a selection on a peach image.
A new layer was added and filled with the same colour as the background.
An inner bevel was added to the selection.
Two rows of preset/rectangle were added and to finish it off, a resized image of the
floral header was pasted as a new layer. Drop shadow and voila - a divider.

This same divider was added to the header by rotating both the divider
background and then the small floral image.


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